Molecular Chemistry II

Chair: John Loveday

15:00 Melting and sound velocity of superionic ammonia from Brillouin scattering in the laser heated diamond anvil cell
  Bastien Guigue - IMPMC - CNRS - Sorbonne Universités, France

15:20 Revisited equations of state of methane and ethane in hydrostatic pressure up to 125 GPa
  Loic Toraille - CEA

15:40 Shared Structural Motifs and Bonding in Two Families of Boron Structures Predicted at Megabar Pressures
  Katerina Hilleke - State University of New York at Buffalo, USA

16:00 Binary and Ternary Mixtures of Ammonia, Methane and Water:  Implications for the Mineralogy of Uranus and Neptune
  Bernhard Massani - UoE, United Kingdom

16:20 End of Session

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline [extended]:

21 May 2021

Registration deadline: [still available]

21 July 2021