Spectroscopic and Structural Studies VI

Chair: Andreas Hermann

11:00 Lattice Dynamics from X-ray Thermal Diffuse Scattering — Caesium at High Pressure 
  James C. Aston - SUPA, School of Physics and Astronomy, and Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions, The University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

11:20 High-pressure phase transition of ulexite at ID15b (ESRF)
  Davide Comboni - ESRF, France

11:40 Structural, vibrational and electronic properties of α’-Ga2S3 under compression
  Samuel Gallego Parra - Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain

12:00 Enhancement of metal-organic framework MIL-101 mechanical stability by nanoparticles confinement
  Anna Celeste - Synchrotron SOLEIL, France

12:20 Final remarks

12:25 Close 

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline [extended]:

21 May 2021

Registration deadline: [still available]

21 July 2021