For more than 70 years, AWE has supported the UK Government’s nuclear defence strategy and the Continuous At Sea Deterrent. We also use our nuclear know-how and technical expertise to provide innovative solutions in support of the UK’s counter-terrorism and nuclear threat reduction activities.

On 1 July 2021, AWE plc (AWE) became an arm’s length Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB) wholly owned by the Ministry of Defence (MOD).  MOD owns the AWE sites, including the assets and liabilities.  AWE is responsible under a contract with the MOD for operating the sites safely and securely as well as delivering a safe, effective and efficient nuclear warhead programme.  AWE employs the workforce, holds the nuclear site licences, environmental permits and other regulatory permissions.

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Cryogenic Limited 

Cryogenic Limited produces a range of customised superconducting magnet systems, including solenoids to 22 Tesla, split pairs to 14 Tesla and magnets for neutron beamline environments. Our standard measurement systems include magnets for NMR, EPR, SQUID and vibrating sample magnetometers.  These configurations are offered as either cryogen free or liquid helium cooled systems.

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Visit us at www.cryogenic.co.uk
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Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions (CSEC)

CSEC is the Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions at the University of Edinburgh. We are a collaborative research institution that brings together researchers from the Schools of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering, GeoSciences and Physics & Astronomy, with interests in experiments at high pressures, under magnetic fields and over a wide range of temperatures; in extreme conditions technologies; and in computational materials science. CSEC’s membership comprises 38 members of academic staff, 26 postdocs and Fellows, and 80 PhD students. 

CSEC’s mission is to carry out adventurous and far-reaching research through enhanced facilities for sample preparation and characterisation, exploitation of multi-disciplinary expertise in extreme conditions science, and effective use of central facilities for neutron and synchrotron/XFEL x-ray scattering, and laser compression. We are a vibrant, successful and interactive research centre that generates and exploits new ideas and discoveries in the field of extreme conditions science, and we are internationally recognised as one of the world’s leading extreme conditions science centres. 

School of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Edinburgh

The School of Physics & Astronomy at the University of Edinburgh is one of the largest such Schools in the UK, with approximately 260 members of staff, of whom around 80 are academic teaching staff. We aim to advance knowledge by addressing the key fundamental questions in Physics & Astronomy. We place strategic emphasis on linking experiment and theory, and on addressing the biggest outstanding problems in each field, which are often found at disciplinary boundaries. 

Academic and research staff below to one of three institutes – the Institute for Astronomy (IfA), the Institute for Condensed Matter and Complex Systems (ICMCS) and the Institute for Particle and Nuclear Physics (IPNP). We also host multi-disciplinary research centres: the Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions (CSEC); the Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics; the Tait Institute for Mathematical Physics; the UK Centre for Astrobiology; and the Centre for Exoplanet Science 

Summer School - Hecate project

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