The current COVID pandemic has led to the cancellation of numerous scientific conferences over the last year, including the 2020 GRC and GRS high-pressure conferences, and the combined AIRAPT/EHPRG-2021 conference that was to be held in Edinburgh this summer. The negative effects of this are being most keenly felt by younger researchers, who have missed golden opportunities to present both their work, and themselves, to the rest of the community. 

This online conference aims to address this, by providing up to 360 20-minute oral presentations and lightning talks in which young and early career researchers in our field to present their research to the rest of our international community. Such researchers will be offered the great majority of these slots, complemented by some didactic talks from more established researchers and facility operators. 

The focus at this event will be on how materials react and change when being subjected to extremes of pressure, temperature, fields, and strain. Topics covered will include physics, chemistry, earth and planetary sciences, as well as bio- and food science and technology. Everyone in the high-pressure community is welcome to attend.

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline [extended]:

21 May 2021

Registration deadline: [still available]

21 July 2021