Invited Speakers

  • A Short History of Liquids Under Dynamic Pressure
    Richard Briggs, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA

  • Response of the mode Grüneisen parameters with anisotropic compression: A pressure and temperature dependent Raman study of β-Sn
    Jasmin Hinton, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA

  • Tuning dimensionality, magnetism and conduction in layered van-der-Waals Mott insulators
    David Jarvis, Institut Laue-Langevin, France

  • Anion-Driven Metallicity in pressure-formed compounds featuring non-integer charges nitrogen dimers
    Dominique Laniel, University of Bayreuth, Germany

  • What hydrogen can do to diamond (2021 EHRPG Prize Talk)
    Miriam Pena Alvarez, CSEC, The University of Edinburgh, UK

  • Diamondoids to diamond phase transition (Stanford & Jamieson Prize Winner 2021)
    Sulgiye Park, Stanford University, USA

  • (Invited) Molecular diffusion in dense supercritical methane from neutron scattering measurements 
    Umbertoluca Ranieri, Universita di Roma, Italy

  • Towards Ambient Superconductivity: Novel Hydrogen-Rich Materials
    Ashkan Salamat, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA

  • Investigation of hydrogen bonding in minerals under high pressure and high temperature using neutron diffraction
    Asami Sano, J-PARC, Japan

  • Experimental Observations of Laser-Driven Tin Ejecta Microjet Interactions
    Alison Saunders, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA

  • Tetrahedrally-coordinated sp3-hybridized carbon in Ca2CO4 and Sr2CO4 orthocarbonate
    Dominik Spahr, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

  • Route to High-temperature Superconductivity: Clathrate Superhydrides at High Pressure
    Ying Sun, Jilin University, China

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline [extended]:

21 May 2021

Registration deadline: [still available]

21 July 2021