Synthesis and Properties of Novel Materials I

Chair: Malcolm McMahon

15:05 Welcome and Introduction

15:05 (Invited) 2021 Jamieson Prize Talk : Diamondoids to diamond phase transition
  Sulgiye Park - Stanford University, USA

15:45 Synthesis of new cation-ordered perovskite oxides under high-pressure and investigation of their magnetic properties
  Khalid Naif Alharbi - Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions (CSEC) and School of Chemistry, University of Edinburgh, UK

16:05 Ternary 3d transition metal nitrides through nitridation process under high-pressure  
  Simon Kloß - University of Edinburgh, UK

16:25 End of Session

Key dates

Abstract submission deadline [extended]:

21 May 2021

Registration deadline: [still available]

21 July 2021